Challenge to Republicans

Now is the time for the Republican Party to prove that they represent the deepest essence of the American concept of maximum Liberty, strictly limited and transparent government, and elected officials who are true public servants. Now that the GOP controls all statewide elective offices, as well as both houses of the legislature, there are no more excuses. It’s time to put an end to “politics as usual.”

The economic crisis is deepening. The Debt Bubble is bursting everywhere, and the economy is still in deep trouble. Government at all levels has become unsustainable. We need a serious conversation to work our way through these problems. The Federal Government will be unable to bail us out. So we have to change our ways.

It all begins with implementing the Open Government Rule. We can no longer afford the injustices, inefficiency and corruption that result from Secret Government. The legislature needs to operate in sunshine, where all bills get a fair hearing and a recorded vote. No more high-handed, dictatorial powers that obstruct Representative Government should be allowed. The People deserve Open Government.

So, Republican Elected Officials, we’re asking you to begin your Legacy by unanimously embracing the principles of Open Government at the start of your deliberations. Change the Rules. Open up the process and start the conversation. Have the courage to listen to one another and debate all ideas. Go on record so that you not only inform your constituents, but that so they also can hold you accountable.

You have a chance to go down in history as the legislature that took bold steps to restore the American Dream in Oklahoma. Our great State is the heartbeat of the nation. Let’s lead the way!