What You Can Do to Help

We need each citizen to contact their State Representative and ask them to support Charles Key’s Open Government rule change which will be presented as a resolution for consideration on the opening day of the legislature, February 7.

Send a report of your legislator’s commitment to info@TheOpenGovernmentProject.com.

Be sure to ask your Senator. We want to get this passed by the Senate, too.

Moreover, we need you to go to your precinct meeting (GOP is rescheduled for Feb. 8 — contact your county party for time and location) and present the Open Government Resolution for a vote by your precinct. (Down load here: Open Government Resolution GOP Precinct meetings)

We want to know whether your legislator: 1. Supports Open Government Rule; 2. Supports Secret Government; 3. Is Afraid to Take a Stand (non-committal).

We will be publishing the names of each Representative and their votes (or position) so you can personally let them know how you feel.

After a November where the non-partisan Tea Party people let the government know they are tired of “politics as usual,” we’re sure your Representative will be glad to tell you why they voted for continued government secrecy and back-room deals.