The Open Government Rule Will Help Restore Representative Government to Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s legislature has a major systemic flaw that encourages bad legislation and discourages good legislation.

In a nutshell: Dictatorial powers wielded by committee chairmen are used to kill good legislation and grease the skids for secret back-room deals and corruption.

If we are to hold the conversation necessary to solve the immense problems facing us in Oklahoma and nationally, we have to put an end to this practice. It violates every tenet of open, honest, representative government upon which America was founded. It is morally wrong to deprive the people of the most basic requirement for Representative Government.

This systemic flaw exists in almost every state in the union, as well as at the Federal level. Is it any wonder that the People are in revolt, as represented by the Tea Parties? If the People felt like their government was in touch with them, and representing their best interests, they would find no reason to demonstrate in public squares nation-wide.

Oklahoma Representative Charles Key has patiently tried to get the rules changed using internal legislative channels for years. He has merely asked leaders of both parties to play fair and observe the tenets of Representative Government. Their pitiful objections are covered elsewhere, but they amount to disingenuous rationalizations to maintain political power.

Now is the time to put an end to this insidious, corrupting practice. Our national and state crises are acute, and there is no time to waste with more “politics as usual.” We can no longer afford corrupt, special-interest driven government. Join with us to bring Open Government to Oklahoma.

Deeper explanations of the problem may be found under the appropriate subheadings at the top of this website. In reality, the problem is acute, the solution is simple, and the objections have no substance. Any politician objecting to Open Government is saying they favor retaining Secret Government, and should be laughed off the stage of the public square and soundly defeated at the next election. No exceptions.

Together, we can unlock the doors of secrecy obstructing good government of the people, by the people and for the people. Please be sure to let your elected officials know that you want them to publicly go on record — for or against Open Government.